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DIY Property Management vs Property Manager

There has been a level headed discussion for quite a while in regards to whether there is a requirement for a property supervisor to take care of one’s venture property or to do it without anyone else’s help. There are numerous contentions for and against and we will investigate this further underneath.

The part of a property administrator

A property administrator can be considered as a cushion somewhere around occupants and landowners. Property directors are employed via Landlords to deal with their venture property and guarantee that the lease is being paid and care is being taken. These administrators are enlisted via landowners to deal with a business or private bundle as to a few tenets and directions. Tattersalls Real Estate has their Dedicated Asset Management Division that goes past the scope of a neighborhood corner land to guarantee the venture property is always performing for them. A couple of things that that Tattersalls Real Estate accomplish for their landowners are :

  • Publicize properties through the 2 noteworthy land stages. and
  • Broad inhabitant screening, personal investigations, National Tenancy Database checks, Chronological review of the occupants past rentals and work.
  • Oversee monetary records and deliver proclamations
  • Pay active in the interest of the Landlord
  • Receive and disburse rent from the audited trust accounts
  • Complete Quarterly property inspections with photos
  • Complete random curb side inspections to ensure there are no extra people staying at the property
  • Source and organise tradespeople for performing repair and maintenance jobs
  • Ensure all works and notices are in accordance with NSW legislation.

The Landlord
Occasionally, tenants have the ‘Tall Poppy Syndrome’ in regards to how they see their Landlords and a property manager is the perfect buffer to reduce this and step in to say ‘No’ when needed, or to ensure all notice has been adhered to when serving breach notices for failure to pay rent or to ensure care for the property. Managing one or two properties can be time consuming and expensive and often lead to an unproductive way of managing assets. Having to travel to open inspections, routine inspections or travel to the property every time there is a repair issue. That’s what the property manager does for their Landlords, is take all the stress out of the process.
The real difference
The real difference is, Tattersalls Real Estate’s Dedicated Asset Management Division can find better tenants as we have access to both the major real estate domains which are expensive for someone managing just a couple properties. Often Landlords can only advertise their own properties on Gumtree and the like, which unfortunately receives tenants who are more likely to have no or poor rental history. When hiring Tattersalls, you have a team of specialist, Accounts, Marketing, Repairs and Property Managers all with years of experience along with street smart and knowledge of legislation.
Our audited trust accounts ensure every cent is accounted for and provide reports to you when needed, at no cost.
All for the competitive fee of just 4.4%, Tattersalls can manage your property and do what we do best whilst allowing you to continue to spend your time and energy on what you do best

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